Friendship Forged in Fire

Last night I was poking around on Facebook and I came across a wedding album that a Firefighter Wife Sisterhood member had posted.  This wedding album was special.  Why?  It is special because I have never personally met this amazing lady.  I’ve never met her but she’s my Sister.  And it’s special because it is a tribute to a love many can only hope for.

I commented on her album and in return I got this amazing message in return.  Her message was heartfelt and completely not expected.  But in reading it, I realized I had made a friendship for life.  Even if we never meet in person, we have made a Friendship Forged in Fire that will last a lifetime.

The Fire Service is a life style that can  make or break you.  One thing I have discovered is it helps to have an amazing group of women behind you who encourage you, support you and remind you that they have been there, they understand and they have your back.

As we chatted via messenger she asked me if she could use my words with her album.  I absolutely agreed.  For many reasons.  First I was honored, she truly is an amazing woman, secondly, I agreed because I’m one hundred percent behind encouraging Fire Marriages, families and Sisterhood.

The Sisterhood has given me a handful of women who I am very happy to have as a guide through my Marriage Journey. This particular woman’s story is beautiful and when a mutual friend shared it I cried, happy tears.  When I wrote that as a comment on her album, she replied, “oh my goodness. I just read your amazing comment. I must say I am mind blown. What you said is one of the most powerful and generous things anyone has ever said to me. I took a few minutes before starting to type this- because I was totally speechless. What a profound and kind thing to say. Thank you seems to fall short, but these are the only words I have. Sincerely- thank you. I am equally as grateful to have you in my marriage life journey.”

I thought about it and I thought about what Firefighter Wife has brought to my life.  I replied,  “The Sisterhood has brought some amazing women into my life. Those women have some equally amazing stories of how they got where they are. And a handful of those women and their stories have touched me more profoundly then others. You are one of them. Your words continuously show that deep and abiding love you have not only for your husband but for life. Thank you for sharing your journey so that others may be inspired. I hope I do the same for other Fire Wives as my Sisters do for me.”

I have another Sister often tell me she didn’t think it would be possible to have that connection with someone you have never met. I thought so as well. But I see proof everyday in the connections I have made through the Sisterhood.

Her reply: There is much to be learned from those who are willing to share their gifts of love. No doubt- It is risky to expose our vulnerable spots. We put ourselves out there. It could hurt! We may be judged and shunned by some who may not understand this drive. However- the connections that we make with the ones who will embrace this risky behavior, those who share the desire to grow and learn from each other- they will reflect and perpetuate the action of love. You demonstrate it- emulate it- create it and share it. You, Lisa– are a leader and a risk taker, too. Thank you for being an inspirer of others. Through what you have shared within our sisterhood (Firefighter Wife) you have inspired me to continue to have conversations about the importance of behavioral health, talk about the importance of keeping our (men’s) gear clean- and not being afraid to challenge others to carry on the discussion. Thank you for your courage and bravery; and for your friendship, forged in fire.

The video above was recorded last summer as I spoke to a group of Firefighters about Firefighter Wife and the Sisterhood.  I have forged friendships here that will last a lifetime, even if we never meet in person.  They are women of my heart who are committed to the fire service, their firefighters, their families.  These are the women who will continue to help me grow in my marriage, as a mother and as a person.


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