9/11 – Fifteen years later

Never Forget…..  Today we will remember the 343 and the thousands of others who lost their lives fifteen years ago.

Today I will also honor the men and women who I trust to have my husband’s back at every call he responds to.  It’s my way of saying Thank You for what they do for our community, our family and the Brotherhood.

May we never forget the victims of 9/11/01.  But instead of looking on the day with sorrow (yes, I cried today) let each and every one of us use those emotions to help in some way.  I believe in my heart that is what the 343, the Police Officers, etc. Would want us to do.  I believe they look down on us from Heaven and say, “Thank you for remembering us.  Thank you for taking care of our loved ones.  But do not shed tears for us.  Instead do what we have done before you and give to your community.”

9/11 took on a new meaning for me when my husband joined the fire service and I became a Fire Wife.  I must admit, I hated the fire service, I hated the calls, the pagers, the radios, etc.  It was one more thing that took my husband away from our home, our family and me.  9/11 also meant it was one more thing that may keep him from us forever.  The Sisterhood has changed that for me.  I still worry, I’m a wife and mother, it’s my job.  But now I recognize the deeper meaning of the Fire Service.  I recognize that my husband has chosen a calling that few choose.  One that puts his life on the line each time his pager goes off.  “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for another”.  I have a deeper understanding of that phrase.  I know the Brotherhood has his back and I know the Sisterhood has mine.  Should something ever happen I know I will feel the love and support from my Sisters across the country.  I will feel them being Firestrong for me when I can’t be for myself.

When you go to sleep tonight say a brief prayer, have a brief thought for the victims of 9/11, the 343, the members of the Brotherhood who today continue to put their life on the line for you.

Love Me, Fire Wife


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