Who is Lisa Kellie-Joslin? I’m a 41-year-old Wife, Mother, Professional, etc. I’ve been doing my “job” for 19 years. For almost 10 of those 19 years I have had another, much more important role. That of a Fire Wife. Thrilling? Some days. Nerve-racking? Always! Rewarding? Absolutely! I decided to start this blog as a way to show the public the behind the scenes of the Fire Life. To show the families behind the men and women who each day serve their communities while putting their lives on the line to help others.

Behind each Firefighter is a family that gives up their Mom or Dad at dinner, holidays, in the middle of the night, sometimes for hours or days so that they can do what they love, what they were meant to do. It’s not always easy being that family. We struggle with the sense of pride we have in our firefighters vs just wanting them home. We struggle with wanting them to be safe, yet not wanting them to go to the Fire Station for one more drill, one more training class. It’s so hard walking that line between loving them and hating their “job.”

This blog is about the struggles I have gone through over the past 10 years as a Fire Wife. From the days I could have easily put the pager on the yellow line and let the fire truck roll over it, to today where I send him out the door with a kiss, an “I Love you, be safe, keep your Angel on your Shoulder and your Brother at your back.” So much has changed in our family and our marriage. And honestly, 90% of that change has occurred over the past year thanks to an incredible group called www.Firefighterwife.com. Without the Fire Wife Sisterhood I would still be that resentful, nagging wife so many leave at home when then pagers tones go off telling him someone else needs him more.

I want my followers to understand that while it’s not all roses, it is amazing. And each family plays such an important role in how that firefighter interacts with their fire family. I also want my followers to learn that the home family can become part of that fire family. Pizza nights at the Station, Fire Prevention Open houses, etc. are all times where the wife and kids can spend time getting to know the “other” family. And by doing that, I hope we are raising our next generation of hero’s.


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