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Today We Stand for Him

If you are unable to attend the services today for Lieutenant DeVoe you can watch via the following link.   abc27 I’m not sure of how much of the procession, etc. they will be covering but they will cover the Noon service.

I can’t be in Harrisburg today but I am with the Brotherhood and Fire Wife Sisterhood in Spirit.

We Stand with You



We Stand with You

Last night the Brotherhood lost one of their own.  Lt. Dennis DeVoe was loved by many, but none loved him as much as his wife Amy and their children.  This week the Brotherhood lost other members.  Captain Bill Dowling from Houston and others answered their final alarm.  While I prayed for those families, for their Brothers, I never felt the grief that I did last night when Harrisburg issued their formal statement.

I’ve never had a personal connection with a loss until last night.   I never met Denny, but I met, love and will forever call her Sister, his beautiful wife Amy.  Her smile lights up a room and a heart.


I met Amy through the Firefighter Wife Sisterhood, the wives part of 24/7 Commitment.  I’ve written about the Sisterhood, the impact it has had on my life and my marriage.  I’ve written about the fact I know the Sisterhood will have my back if anything ever happens to my husband.  My heart knows this, my head knows this.  My heart hoped it would never happen to one of our own.  Yesterday, the group of Fire Wives that attended the Girls Getaway in Windham messaged, loved and prayed.  We banded together as Fire Wives need to when one of our own is hurting.  Our arms surrounded her from miles away hoping that she felt our love and strength.

Yesterday, last night and this morning reminds me that the Sisterhood is the backbone behind the Brotherhood.  There is no tougher job in the Fire Service, than that of the Fire Wife.  Together we unite to hold one of our own so that she can find the strength to carry on.

Amy, you are loved, you are supported,  you will forever be in my heart and on my mind.  My Sisters, your strength, your love and your grief have showed the Commitment we have to our own through all that the Fire Service throws at us.


Firefighterwife.com : Why our Fire Families need it.

Evening Reflections on the Sisterhood

Evening Reflections on the Sisterhood

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. I was going so strong with posting a new blog almost every day or at the minimum every other day. But, this was a short week. Monday was spent with family (both blood and Fire) remembering those who gave their life for our freedom.

So tonight I’m taking a bit of time to say hello and chat about something near and dear to my heart and my firefighter’s heart: The Fire Wife Sisterhood by http://www.firefighterwife.com. This is a topic that has been on my mind for much of the week as I prepare for my first presentation Monday night. I’ve been invited by Knox Fire to give a presentation on the Sisterhood and why every Wife, Girlfriend or Fiance of a firefighter needs to be a member of the Sisterhood.

I think my biggest hurdle is not that there isn’t enough to talk about… it’s more that there are so many wonderful things I have no idea where to start.

Last weekend I was reminded of a very important milestone for Firefighter Wife. It was the one year anniversary of the Sisterhood. Our Chief Fire Wife Lori asked each of us, “Why?” Why does this group of women mean so much to me that I would pay to chat with them on Facebook? Why do I need the Sisterhood? Why do other Fire Wives need the Sisterhood?

Here’s my thoughts on the Sisterhood: I seriously can’t believe it’s only been 1 year. I have met some amazing women in that 1 year. And I am proud to call each one of them my Sister. I found Firefighter Wife online before it went to the paid membership. And it was amazing then. I quickly joined the Private group instead of the public page. I needed my soft place to land just as I give my Firefighter his soft place to land (that place where even the toughest/bravest men need to rest their heads after a bad call, a long shift). When Lori announced that it was switching over to a paid membership and that the first 100 to sign up would be charter members… I jumped feet first and never looked back. That Charter Member Challenge Coin goes with me everyday, everywhere.

You may ask why does a Fire Wife need this group? A Fire Wife needs the Sisterhood because it shows us what a woman is meant to be. We are the support system for our husbands, his brother’s, and ourselves. We lift each other up, not tear each other down. We cry with each other and laugh with each other. We are not criticized. We may be gently kicked in the behind to remind us what we need to be and do but it is done with love.

A Fire Wife needs Firefighter Wife to help show her how to strengthen her relationship with her firefighter (the mission of Firefighter Wife is to strengthen marriages). Whether she does the Love Dare, reads Scream Free or 5 Love Languages, the Sisterhood will help her each step of the way. Where else can a Fire Wife find programs such as those listed and have the ability to complete them with a group of women who live the lifestyle we live, who understand the needs and the difficulties each of us face everyday?

The difference the Sisterhood has made in my life in the short year I have been a member is amazing. I never knew all of the things I could do to make sure I had a happy husband. I can look back over the past year and visibly see the bond between us grow stronger from what the Sisterhood has brought to my marriage. I can see this in the way my Firefighter responds to our conversations, my endeavors, etc. He spent an entire day by my side talking up Firefighter Wife. He talked to other Chief’s, other Firefighters, etc. showing each one of them why their Departments need the Sisterhood.